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  • I'm a middle school STEM teacher in Lake Geneva, WI. Our STEM initiative is very well supported by my district, and I consider myself very fortunate. I've been teaching STEM classes for three years after being converted from a Science teacher. The past few years have been about building up equipment, of which I have 5 Dremel 3D Printers, 1 Structure 3D Scanner, 1 Base and Form Stationary 3D Scanner, an Epilog Laser Cutter, a Roland Vinyl Cutter, a classroom set of laptops, 10 small soldering iron stations and equipment, a few chop saws, and various hand tools. Again, I realize I'm very fortunate. I'm at the point now though, where I want to keep kids excited about the FabLab and Design classes I teach, while getting them ready and excited for classes they'll be offered in HS. I feel like I'm at a crossroads-Do I keep adding new equipment (like a CNC router) and move into new areas (like electronics) or do I just develop what I have more and keep building that up? My curriculum is completely flexible in my FabLab course. I'm always looking for new things to add, tweak, and improve, but I'm having a hard time zoning in and focusing on a long term vision. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Hello Everyone, In the past year I have changed jobs. For the past 15 years I was a K-12 Technology and Engineering teacher and STEM Coordinator in the Brillion Schools. I am now through my first year as Manager of STEM Education at Fox Valley Technical College. With my new role I will be spending much of my time working with the WiFAB network to enhancing FABlab practices across the state. This will include WiFAB portal development, running FABlab summer training retreats, project development, and school consulting. Look for changes and enhancements to the WIFAB portal in the future. We will be looking for your help to do this. Thank you and please contact me if you have any FABlab needs. - Steve Meyer
  • We are the Fab Lab at Three Lakes. Thank you for creating this space, we look forward to meeting new friends at other Fab Labs.