Projects by Subject

The mission of Agriculture & Natural Resources is to prepare students for careers in the agriculture industry; to support students in their career choices; and to develop leadership skills in students to benefit their community and the food, fiber, and natural resource systems.


Art and Design Education programs include Visual Thinking in the areas of Design, Visual Communication, Visual Culture, and Fine Art, all developing sensory awareness, aesthetic discrimination, and skill development in the creation of art with a focus on the design process. Art and design programs in Wisconsin provide students with opportunities to learn about and practice non-linear, circular, and/or repetitive design practices.

Art & Design


The primary mission of Business & Information Technology is to prepare students for business occupations and to teach students about business, focusing on aspects of business that affect every member of society, while preparing individuals to own or operate their own business or to work in a variety of business functions.

Business & Information Technology


Family & Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Education prepares students for family work, work life, and careers in Family and Consumer Sciences by empowering individuals and families across the life span to manage the challenge of living and working in a diverse global society.


Health Science

Health Science Education (HSE) is dedicated to educating today's students for tomorrow's health care community by preparing them for careers related to medicine, nursing, health science, and allied health programs. HSE provides students technical skills, health care competencies, and opportunities to obtain the knowledge necessary to satisfy the requirements for entry-level health care jobs. 


Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship Education is the instructional program designed to prepare individuals for the major occupational areas within marketing and management (Gordon, 2008) by embodying competency-based instruction, the project-based method, portfolio assessment, and cooperative learning. Instruction for marketing education is a combination of hard and soft skills (Gordon, 2008) where students learn occupational skills that are transferable to many careers as well as technical college and university degrees.

Marketing, Management, & Entrepreneurship



Mathematics Education and proficiency is essential for every student in Wisconsin.  Mathematics educators are dedicated to educating students in approaches to analyzing, reasoning, and communicating ideas effectively as they pose, formulate, interpret, and solve mathematical problems in a variety of situations to ensure success in  a world beyond the classroom.


Technology and Engineering Education is an interdisciplinary STEM subject that provides multifaceted opportunities for students to become prepared for careers and postsecondary education through theory and hands-on lessons both in the classroom and through industry-based opportunities outside of schools. 

Technology & Engineering